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We would love to hear your opinion about us. If you attended a class, workshop or retreat. how was your experience with Lamiaa?

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  1. Calming the waves of the mind presented a unique challenge for me. I struggled with sleep issues produced by what I used to label as an ‘overactive mind’. Practicing with Lamia led me to a place where I was able to develop my own tool box and produce ever more calm and clarity. It is hard to describe just how positive these changes have been. I continue to practice with Rising Love and and she remains a source of wisdom and light that emanates from her truly authentic and genuine desire to help people guide themselves.
    Thank you Lamia

  2. My first class with Lamia gave me relief, good energy and a feeling of wellbeing and satisfaction. This is how I feel every time I have a class with Lamia. I leave every class feeling physically good and also with a smile on my face and a genuine feeling of happiness and positive attitude. The exercises are for everyone and anyone, great for beginners as well as advanced yogis. I highly recommend everyone to try Kundalini Yoga with Lamia!

  3. A life transforming experience. You feel around family. Looking forward to next retreats.

  4. Best Experience of my life. thank you

    1. Thank you boubou 🙂

  5. Great Experience. Can’t wait to be part of the next retreat

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