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My name is Lamiaa. I was born in 1986 in Cairo, Egypt. For the biggest part of my life, I enjoyed a beautiful childhood in Cairo.

When, I was 23 years old, my parents split up. Around the same time we lost my grandfather, I married and moved to Switzerland (with a new language and culture). For years, I was lost in the cold. When I went home, it was never the same. I lost the ground I so firmly stood on, all that was familiar was gone. Then I became a mother of two beautiful kids. I loved my children but I was overstimulated and stressed. I started to suffer with anxiety and severe immunity problems. Until one day I decided to take control of my happiness and my life. The day I made this decision all the solutions started finding their way to me. By chance, I found myself taking a deep dive into yoga and mindfulness. During the Yoga Teacher Training I found myself again. I was put on a path that made me realize my own strength, uniqueness and gifts.

Now it is my life’s mission to help others discover their own strengths. To practice self love, so they can present their best self forward to the world. I learned that we connect better when we are feeling whole. So maybe I can help a family stay together because the father, or mother, finally found what they were looking for inside, instead of looking outside. Maybe I can help a community, or a company to resolve a challenge because its leaders  or members, discovered the importance of prioritizing oneself. That success and prosperity come when you give from a place of abundance and love, as opposed to fear and scarcity.

I am Kundalini yoga teacher and healer. I use Reiki, yoga techniques and mindful philosophy as my methods. I want to help people, I want to help my country. I focus my attention on Egypt now because my heart never left so it’s time to return and be a positive force to push the community forward.  

Kundalini Yoga is a deeply spiritual practice. It uses a blend of dynamic and static postures, breathing techniques, meditations and mantra singing. The purpose is to raise the life energy that is locked at the bottom of the spine to the crown of the head which is related to our connection with the universe or the infinite. Kundalini yoga will get you fit physically, working on blood circulation, nervous system, glandular system, and digestion. More than that, with regular practice, the purpose is to achieve higher levels of consciousness while staying fit and grounded. It is a balanced technology that can transform you, heal you, and help you achieve your full potential in life. 

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